Our Process

The Intake Call and Care Plan

From the initial intake call, our team begins to gather vital information about your needs for home care. First we ask questions to get an overall picture of your situation including contact information, living conditions, current medications, mobility issues, illnesses or diagnoses. This helps us determine the level of care you need and your in-home health care plan. We will also counsel you on the available state programs that you might qualify for to support your care plan from a financial perspective.

Nursing Assessments

When medically necessary, we request a nursing assessment. Typically, this is done in the home with family members. The assessment is used to evaluate the medical condition of the patient and includes detailed recommendations that become our blueprint for the day-to-day care plan.

Making the Right Caregiver Match

Once you approve the care plan, we begin our assessment to match you or your loved one with the right caregiver. We take multiple factors into consideration, matching personality types to assigning male aides when heavy lifting is required. We look for caregivers with similar interests and we staff foreign language assignments when possible. And, we guarantee our matchmaking abilities. If you or your family is not comfortable with the fit, we change your caregiver immediately for one more suitable to your needs and comfort level.

Ongoing Supervision and Communication

Advantage Private Nursing provides routine field supervision as well as random inspections to ensure safe, competent care and to stress the importance of punctuality, reliability and quality in-home health care. Many of our caregivers chronicle the care they provide to ensure that all duties are performed and all home care needs are met. Care notes can include general observations and services delivered.